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Pédagogie Explicite - Historique du courant
Écrit par Françoise Appy   
Samedi, 01 Juillet 2006 00:00

Common Knowledge - The Newsletter of the Core Knowledge Foundation - Vol. 19, n° 1, juillet 2006

Core Knowledge in France

Core Knowledge

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The following letter was submitted to Core Knowledge by a teacher in France, whose complaints about her country’s education system closely parallel many of the comments we receive from American teachers. Although certain content in a French curriculum may differ markedly from the equivalent content-based curriculum in the United States, Françoise Appy and her husband find the basic concepts behind the Core Knowledge Sequence and the work of E. D. Hirsch, Jr., to be applicable in many ways to the French educational system.

Years ago, Hirsch pointed to the traditional French education system as a shining example for American educators. Ironically enough, the same system that influenced Hirsch in the early 1980s was upended by the same progressive practices and theories against which Hirsch and others were reacting.

Please note that they are eager to hear from Core Knowledge teachers in America, so feel free to send a deluge of emails and please visit their website. Great things can happen when great ideas are able to leap across oceans.

My name is Françoise Appy and I am a teacher in a primary school in the south of France. Until the 1960s, France had a good educational system that was the envy of many countries. However, a pedagogical revolution then occurred, which transformed our system — previously based on transmitting knowledge — into a new system based on constructivism in which the child was supposed to “build his own knowledge.” The French experts then introduced a new discipline called Education Sciences, which in turn brought on more bad ideas that have since proven to be bad. Today, the French educational system is in its worst state ever, yet it seems that only a few teachers are struggling for to make improvement. They gather in different groups and try to spread their ideas through various media. We had some little victories like, recently, the official return to syllabic reading as a learning method.

My husband Bernard, who is also a teacher, and I have created our website in order to reach people, present our ways of teaching, give advice to beginners, and inform others of what is going on in the educational world. We recommend a way of teaching similar to Direct Instruction with an ambitious curriculum.

We would really like French schools to become leaders in the twenty-first century world. American teachers seem to have realized the failure of their educational system about fifteen years ago and are now trying new ways. I’ve recently discovered E. D. Hirsch’s book, The Schools We Need. The analysis and proposals are very rich and accurate, and this how I found the Core Knowledge Foundation. We would like to contact teachers who practice Core Knowledge methods, exchange ideas with them, and start spreading these ideas around France. We invite teachers to visit our website and publish their temoignages [case studies or anecdotes] in our special page about Direct Instruction (pédagogies explicites).

Please visit our website.
Please contact us at the emails below. We will be happy to translate your writing for you!
Best Wishes to our colleagues in the U.S.!

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