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Pédagogie Explicite - Barak Rosenshine
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Mardi, 01 Janvier 2008 00:00

Barak Rosenshine

Five Meanings of Direct Instruction

Center of Innovation & Improvement (2008)

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Direct instruction refers to instruction led by the teacher, as in “the teacher provided direct instruction in solving these problems.” But if one enters “direct instruction” into an ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) search, one finds that the term has appeared with a variety of meanings, some general and some specific, some positive and some negative.

This problem occurs because direct instruction, and terms such as direct teaching and explicit instruction, has both a general meaning and a specific meaning. The general meaning refers to any instruction that is led by the teacher regardless of quality. However, as will be discussed, the term direct instruction also has three specific uses: (a) the instructional procedures that were used by the most effective teachers, (b) the procedures that were used in experimental studies where students were taught cognitive strategies to use in reading or writing, or (c) the instructional procedures that are used in Distar classrooms.

These different meanings create a problem for the reader when authors do not specify the specific meanings they are using. And often, even authors are not aware that the term direct instruction has these different meanings.

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