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What works best: 2020 update

Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
NSW Department of Education

Avril 2020

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First released in late 2014, What works best: Evidence-based practices to help improve NSW student performance was an early publication of the newly established Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE). Succinctly laying out the research for seven of the most effective practices in education, What works best quickly found a wide audience among NSW educators. Over the intervening years it has remained popular and well-used, providing an accessible point of entry to the evidence on effective teaching practices.

In 2020, the time is right for an update. The decline in the performance of Australian students in international assessments, notably the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), has continued, and public concern about this ongoing trend has grown. The performance of NSW students has fallen more sharply than the rest of Australia, with a declining proportion of top-performing students and an increasing proportion of low-performing students across all three PISA domains. The NAPLAN results of NSW students have mostly continued to plateau, although HSC results are more positive.


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